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The National Science Foundation’s Research Publications List (PDF 84k)


No Girls Allowed!
Melissa Koch's 1994 article in Technos Quarterly describes factors that may cause some girls to turn away from technology.


Gender and Technology in Education: A Research Review

This extensive 2005 article by Jo Sanders, an internationally recognized authority on gender equity, offers an extraordinarily clear, comprehensive, well-documented account of worldwide research in the area of gender and technology in education, both in and outside the classroom, from pre-school through the university. It includes coverage of efforts to remedy the imbalance between males' and females' involvement with technology.


Why Janie Can't Engineer: Raising Girls to Succeed
This article by freelance writer Pat McNees appeared in 2004 in the Washington Post. In addition to the article, which offers useful insights into the under-representation of girls in science, engineering, and technology, the web site provides links to related resources, including a link to the 2003 book McNees wrote for the National Science Foundation, New Formulas for America's Workforce: Girls in Science and Engineering.


Under the Microscope: A Decade of Gender Equity Projects in the Sciences
This 2004 report from the American Association of University Women [AAUW] looks at hundreds of gender equity projects in the sciences funded over the past decade by the AAUW and the National Science Foundation and addresses the following questions: 1) what can we learn from a decade of gender equity efforts in the sciences? 2) what types of gender equity projects in the sciences have been supported and promoted? 3) which STEM disciplines and project approaches have been favored and which have been overlooked? The report is available at no cost as a downloadable pdf file for which you need the free Adobe Acrobat reader.


GREAT: The Effect of Computers on the Gender Gap in Education
This "special issue" of GREAT: Gender Relations in Educational Applications of Technology was created by Stanford University students in early 1998. It offers a series of articles addressing gender inequality in the classroom, gender disparity in computer-related fields, and the introduction of computers into the classroom, as well as case studies, personal stories, and software reviews.

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