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Books for Teachers, Parents and Mentors


"National Council for Research on Women, Balancing the Equation: Where Are Women and Girls in Science, Engineering and Technology” (2001) by Mary Thom. This report analyzes the extent to which women and girls have progressed in science, engineering, and technology over the last two decades. It reviews programs that successfully increase STEM participation of girls, women and minorities and “finds that women and girls excel in environments that encourage hands-on research, include mentoring and role models, and link science, technology and engineering to other disciplines and real world applications.” The report discusses the need for cultural and institutional change and provides resources to “help educators, business leaders and policy makers promote women's and girls' advancement in the sciences.”


The full report can be ordered on the NCRW site www.ncrw.org for $22.00, less 20% discount for NCRW affiliates, and plus $4.50 postage and handling. The press release, executive summary and selected excerpts are available for free on the site www.ncrw.org. The site also includes Web links for science programs for K-12 education, including in-school and after-school and summer activities, professional development for teachers, and curriculum development and assessment.

Annotated Lists

The National Science Foundation’s Research Publications List (PDF 84k)


Preparing Women and Minorities for Science and Engineering: Resources for Educators, Parents, and the Community
This annotated listing by Eileen L. Collins includes a number of excellent resources. Its listings are arranged in seven categories: Women in STEM, Minorities in STEM, Education Resources, STEM Education Resources, Planning Education and Career Paths, Technology in Education, and Ensuring Kids' Safety on the Internet. Available in pdf format.)


Gender Equity in Education
Martha C. Phelps-Borrowman has created a useful site that focuses primarily on gender equity in science and mathematics. It includes lessons to interest girls in science and math and to acquaint students with the accomplishments of women in these fields, along with links to related sites.


Unlocking the Clubhouse, Women in Computing

Margolis and Fisher document the astonishing gender gap in the field of computing by answering the question of why female interest in technology begins to wane in middle school and all but dies in high school. The authors argue that male dominance in information technology can be traced directly back to cultural, social, and educational patterns established in early childhood. Women, therefore, are vastly underrepresented in one of the most economically significant professions of the twenty-first century.


Books for Young Women and Girls

You can purchase most of these books now through our Amazon.com Associates Programs. Proceeds go to support the Gender Chip Project!

33 Things Every Girl Should Know

Bolden, Tonya (ed.)
(1998, Crown Publishing Group, ISBN# 0517709368)
A collection of essays, poems and anecdotes from women who command kids' respect and smart talk by 33 Extraordinary Women. Ages 10-13.


Encouraging Girls In Math and Science

Campbell, Patricia
(WEEA Publishing Center, 55 Chapel Street, Newton, MA 02160. 1-800-225-3088)
Series of pamphlets to increase the participation of girls in math and science.

Girl Power: Young Women Speak Out

Carlip, Hillary
(1996, Warner Books, Inc. ISBN# 0446446670219.)
Carlip illuminates the worries, hopes, dreams and experiences of girls ages 13 to 19, through their stories, poems, letters and notes. Their voices come from a variety of backgrounds and perspectives--cowgals, lesbians, teen mothers, sorority sisters and girls in gangs--and reveal the depth, vulnerability, wisdom and power of the writers.


For All Our Daughters: How Mentoring Helps Young Women and Girls Master the Art of Growing Up

Echevarria, Pegine
(1998, Chandler House Press, 1-800-642-6657, www.tatnuck.com. ISBN# 188628413X)
Offers specific activities, strategies, information and support to women interested in mentoring or making a positive impression on girls and young women.


Annotated Book Listings

Annotated listing from the Center for Women and Work at the U. of Massachusetts, Lowell.

Feminist Science Fiction, Fantasy, and Utopia for Young Adults
A listing of what's available for young adults, without much annotation. Part of Laura Quilter's extensive feminist science fiction site.

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