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Action Toolkit

The Gender Chip Project film was created to provoke dialogue, awareness and action among viewing participants – from young women to professionals and other mentors who are passionate about the issues surrounding women staying in science and technology fields.


In order to encourage a deeper understanding of the issues, and to continue an engaged dialogue in tandem with the film, we have designed these companion resources to help you guide discussion following screenings (either in total or in sections) of the Gender Chip Project documentary, and to give a broader context to the challenges women face as they seek to enter and contribute to these fields.


These additional materials offer a variety of ways to effectively use The Gender Chip Project film, classroom curricula, and the workshop toolkit. They are aggregated here for their value and convenience for adults and mentors who are encouraging girls considering STEM in college and careers.
The Workshop Toolkit, for use in a variety of community and educational settings, was written by Britt Wahlin and Jennie Cecil Moore from Active Voice. A pre-printed and packaged workshop toolkit is available to our workshop site partners, or you can simply download it here as a PDF.


The Curricula, designed Dr. Samuel Henry and Wendi Laurence for use in the classroom from grades 5 to 9, after school and professional development programs can be downloaded here as a PDF.


Other Resources we include are: Books and Articles, Web Sites, Video and Games, specifically organized for teachers, mentors and parents, and professional developments organizations.


And finally, we offer Evaluation Tools, to let us know how effective the Gender Chip Project is for you, and for you to evaluate how it is reaching your intended audience.

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