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The Gender Chip Project



Sarah T. Boysen is professor of psychology at Ohio State University. Her current research interests are animal cognition in non-human primates.


Linda Condron, holds a Ph.D. in education from Ohio State University. Her dissertation is titled "Tales of Women in Science and Technology: How Women Computer Scientists in Engineering Environments Experience Their Profession."


Suzanne Damarin, Professor of Cultural Studies in Education in the School of Educational Policy and Leadership at Ohio State University. She has contributed an article on technology and multicultural education to Theory in Practice 37 (Winter 1998) and has authored "Gender and Mathematics form a Feminist Standpoint," published in W.G. Secada, ed., New Directions for Equity in Mathematics Education (Cambridge University Press, 1995)


Liz Keim, Director of Media Arts Program at the Exploratorium, San Francisco's world-renowned science museum.


Carolyn Merry, Associate Professor of Civil and Environmental Engineering at Ohio State University's College of Engineering. She recently worked on educational outreach for the Landsat-7 satellite at the Biospheric Sciences Branch of NASA Goddard Space Flight Center.


Mary K. Miller is a science writer, and science and museum liaison for The Exploratorium. In addition to her work at the museum, Mary is also a freelance magazine writer and multimedia reporter and has written for Smithsonian, Popular Science, Discovery Online, and The Sciences magazine among others.


Urbashi Mitra, Assistant Professor of Electrical Engineering at Ohio State University. Her research interests include multi-user detection theory, code-division multiple-access communications for personal wireless and mobile applications, adaptive algorithms, non-parametric detection techniques, and equalization methods.

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