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The Gender Chip Project

(54:00 documentary, available in VHS and DVD)


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"The Gender Chip Project video does an outstanding job of capturing the real voices of young women and their journey within the still chilly STEM education system."

Karen Peterson, Executive Director, Puget Sound Center for Teaching, Learning, and Technology


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How best to reach young women than through story-based learning?


In 1998 filmmaker Helen De Michiel brought together several young women majoring in the sciences, engineering and math at Ohio State University in Columbus. They agreed to meet regularly over their next three years of college, and create a community to share experiences and struggles as women stepping into traditionally male domains.


Ranging from their first year of college through to graduation, The Gender Chip Project is a rare and subtle portrait of five extraordinary young women attending this midwestern university who take up the challenge to succeed in fields which are now only reluctantly accepting of women.


The documentary reveals how women are finding new ways to honor their own growth, motivations and experience as they imagine how to make the science and technology workplace a comfortable environment.

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